Managing a Data Cleansing Process for Material or Service Master Data - Part 2
Master Data Management

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Structured Master Data

After the cataloguing process, structured master data is generated, and this wil be your key to the data cleansing process. It is composed of identification and characteristic data. The identification data can be a manufacturer's number/name, part number and or drawing number/standard reference number.

In this part, both identification and characteristic data are represented in the form of property-value that are contained in the dictionary.

Rendering Names and Descriptions

Source: ECCMA

The name that we entered manually is different with automated rendered name. Can be observed in the consistency of the terminology and the formatting of the name and descriptions. It is very expensive to build a search engine that is tolerant of a lack of consistency in names and descriptions. For example, "Ball Bearing" and "Ball-Bearing", simple space of change in character can cause items to be missed because to a computer these are very different.

Automating the process of creating names and descriptions through Application not only creates consistency in the use of terminology and formats but also consistency across the names and descriptions of all items that belong to the same class.

Item names and descriptions need not to be static, in the abilitito change them, as required is one of the more useful features of an item master. What does not change is the material number.

Spare Cataloguing System

Spares Cataloguing System is a software tool which designed specifically to help an organization in managing their asset information data at components level. The components are usually MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) items. The system was developed in structured way; step by step workflow to ensure the output of Material Descriptions is cleaned, complete information, and the most important is no duplicate. The system also can be customized to help organization with their existing rules or any specific business processes that are required by the organization.

Many industrial and process organizations have multiple plants and tens of thousands of MRO parts. SCS Solutions’ have enabled our customers to realize significant savings by optimizing their MRO data, thus:

  • Eliminating excess inventory.
  • Lowering procurement costs.
  • Improving plant and equipment throughput.
  • Increasing employee productivity.
  • Realizing maximum benefits from ERP/EAM systems.

    We are a solid team who have full experience in Spare Inventory Management and Optimisation to various type of industry of our customers. This SCS is your solution in managing MRO Master Data for standarding, enriching, governing, and cleansing to achieve maximum value of information as a power of your organisation.




Managing a Data Cleansing Process for Material or Service Master Data - Part 2
Panemu Solusi Industri, Ignatius Prasetyadi 4 December, 2022
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