Strategic Procurement And Sourcing

For supply chain management leaders, strategic procurement software and sourcing optimization play a vital role in mitigating immediate risks and planning for now and future challenges. 


P-Proc is an electronic procurement application that streamlines the procurement process for its users. With P-Proc, users can easily manage their procurement activities, from vendor management and e-bidding to e-quotation and e-negotiation. The app is integrated with Spares Cataloguing System (SCS) as a product catalog, making it easy for users to find the products they need and compare prices from different vendors.

One of the key features of P-Proc is its Vendor Management System, which allows users to easily keep track of their suppliers and the products they offer. Users can create and manage a list of vendors, including their contact information, pricing, and delivery times. This makes it easy to quickly compare prices and availability from different vendors when placing orders.

In addition to vendor management, P-Proc also offers an E-bidding system that allows users to request bids from multiple vendors for a particular product or service. This makes it easy to find the best price and terms for the goods or services that your business needs. The app also includes an E-quotation and E-negotiation system, which allows users to request quotes from vendors and negotiate the terms of their purchases directly within the app.

Overall, P-Proc is a powerful and user-friendly app that simplifies the procurement process for small and medium-sized businesses. With its integration with the SCS product catalog and its features for vendor management, e-bidding, e-quotation, and e-negotiation, P-Proc makes it easy to manage all aspects of your procurement activities.

Customizable to Adapt with

Your Existing Business Processes - 

Or even make it better!

Fully customable to fit with your needs and requirement.

P-Proc is also customizable to adapt to the existing business processes of our clients. This means that the app can be tailored to fit the specific needs and requirements of each business, making it even more effective and efficient.

With the ability to customize P-Proc, businesses can ensure that the app fits seamlessly into their existing workflow and processes. This can help to minimize disruptions and downtime, allowing businesses to continue operating smoothly and efficiently.

Additionally, the customizable nature of P-Proc means that businesses can add or remove features as needed, ensuring that the app always provides the tools and functionality that they need. This allows businesses to use P-Proc to its full potential and get the most value out of the app.

In short, P-Proc is not only a powerful and user-friendly procurement app, but it is also customizable to fit the unique needs of each business. This makes it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to streamline and improve their procurement processes.

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